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Ending Email spam

Last Updated February 16, 2005
Note that many of these links are out of date and much of this material is in need of updating.

AB 1629 also makes spoofing a crime. Sending UBE "knowingly and without permission using the Internet domain name of another individual, corporation, or entity" is covered.

AB 1676 will make it much easier to filter spam if the spammer's follow it. Enforcing 1676 is another story, since California authorities are much more interested in prosecuting people smoking pot. AB 1629 leaves prosecution up to ISPs.

Both laws go into effect on January 1, 1999.

Here's a list of government addresses you can send complaints to:  [MMF]  [MLM, phone card]  [Porn] [especially forgeries]  [chains, mail money]  [gen. fraud] [whenever other mailboxes are full] [medical scams] [claims of great earnings]  [investment/stock scams] [spam originating in Hong Kong]
Don't send complaints to addresses that cannot do anything about the spam. I.e. only send porn complaints only to and not the entire list.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have complaint addresses for spam originating from their networks or for web sites hosted on their networks. Usually they can be contacted at or A good service is Once you are a member of, you can just forward the spam with the headers and any notes to and will attempt to forward it to the appropriate email address to deal with the spam.

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